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Blue roses

Another Pandora Hearts icontest
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(based on clamp_icontest)

You need to be a member of the community in order to vote or submit your icon.
Don't cheat and don't creat drama.
Only Pandora Hearts icons are accepted here, of course.

This is an weekly icontest community, we focus on the series Pandora Hearts by Mochizuki Jun.

If you're the winner, you might claim your reward, it might be either a brushes set, a pattern, a commercial/rare font or a textures set... You can see the prizes here.

Each week you will be given three themes from which to choose to work with: a general (conceptual or technical), visual (image, stock photo/vector, texture/brush etc.) and textual (lyrics, poetry, quote, etc.) based one. This is for the sake of variety, you can repeat, alternate or combine themes as you wish as long as your icon(s) fit at least one of the challenges provided. Please suggest theme ideas for future challenges at this post.

The submission post goes up Friday night/Saturday morning, prior to the voting post. This is to ensure members have a longer time period to submit. You will have from then until the next Friday at 10:00 PM UTC to submit your entry to the designated screened post only.

The voting post will follow shortly thereafter and you will have from then until Sunday at 10:00 PM UTC in the night to cast your vote to the designated screened post only. A comment will be left when voting is officially closed, no late votes will be accepted at that time.

Winners will be announced within 24 hours depending on my schedule, but I do aim to have results posted on Sunday night.

I try to keep my icontest running as on time as possible, but please understand if sometimes I must be later than originally intended. There will also be times when I must change or extend the deadline due to arising circumstances, notice will always be given.

Based on popular vote, there will be a first, second and third place icon for Best Overall. An additional non-placing icon will be selected by myself as Moderator's Choice when we have at least eight icons, provded there are not multiple ties etc. that cause the remaining entry level to drop significantly or half the entries to have already placed. All winners may receive banners if they wish to have one made.

Two-way ties will stand, but anything greater will result in a tiebreaker round that will last for approximately twelve hours. The winner(s) of the tiebreaker round will earn their respective placement(s). The remaining icon(s) will receive honourable mentions in recognition of their efforts, but not a banner.

Along with the winners I will be listing the runner-ups icons anonymously in order of ranking. This isn't meant to make anyone feel bad, its to let you know how you did and encourage everyone to keep trying. I think it's important to get such feedback. If this really makes you uncomfortable though, please mention so in your submission comment and I'll simply leave your entry number(s) unlisted.

After you have win one weekly contest, you can choose ONE reward you want from that week's rewards.

All artwork, series & character design featured are © Mochizuki Jun unless otherwise stated. We are not affiliated with Mochizuki Jun, nor are we making any profit from this community.

All icons displayed here are the intellectual and creative property of their respective owners, they may not be taken without their permission.